At Baby Todd we pride ourselves on doing everything right by our customers, both legally and ethically. We are the first tagless basics brand, who offers their customers the most comfortable and versatile clothing for babies, toddlers and kids. Created by a mother of 3, Hanada came up with the original idea because she found it hard to find comfortable and plain basics, and always needed to cut off the internal labels.

Welcome to Baby Todd - home of the FIRST TAGLESS & most comfortable and versatile bamboo & cotton basics 🖤

BT offers tagless kids basics which range from size 0-3 months (000) to size 12 kids, in the best unisex shades, which make them easy to style with anything & everything! They are perfect to mix & match with our Bamboo & Cotton ranges, or with any other brand! Our sizing is included for your reference on the back of our logo. You also receive your washing instructions & fire warning labels in your very own biodegradable polybag or recyclable envelope. Dressing your kids has never been easier!